Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Twenty Eleven in Review

I know I’m late on this blog post. But you know what? Hawaiians are notoriously late for everything. And I have been in Hawaii for the last 8 days, so I am practically Hawaiian now.  (More on that to come).

You know what they say. “Never look back.” But when you have a year as great as 2011, sometimes you just have to. You have to look back and remember the adventures and the relationships and the travels and the excitement. This year held a lot of firsts and greats for me.  I feel like when I am old I will look back and say “What year did I do that totally awesome, really cool thing again? Probably 2011. That’s when all of the cool stuff happened.”

Here’s a little glimpse:

I camped in Yellowstone National Park with two of my favorite people in the world. And got chased by a buffalo. And went white water rafting. And encountered a rattle snake AND a grizzly bear.

I spent New Year’s Eve in Waikiki Beach. And spent the six months leading up to the trip perfecting my hula dance. (Technically the rest of the trip was in 2012.)

I went backstage at the Opry with one of my best friends from high school. Hello there Trace Adkins. You are really tall. Hello there Little Jimmy Dickens. You are really short. Hello there Rascal Flatts. You can sing extraordinarily high.

I went skydiving with my sister. Famous last words: “I’ve never been in a plane this small… or with this much duct tape in it.”

I went to the CMA Music Fest. Every. Single. Night.

I went parasailing in Gulf Shores during my family’s annual beach trip. With my dad – The Original Thrill Seeker from whom I got my genes.

I took a spur of the moment trip to Dallas to see a best friend from college (on right). “Hey! What are you doing tomorrow? I’m coming to see you.”

I made a lot of brand new friends at Church and Thurch. Thank goodness Searcy is boring. They all moved here from Harding.

I started volunteering at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. Best. Decision. Ever.

I remodeled my patio and guest bedroom and tons of yard sale items. Martha Stewart.

I took my favorite little friend to her first concert. Taylor Swift. Duh.

An old friend came in town and we rocked it out at the Keith Urban concert. Who Wouldn’t Want To Be Me?

I met Herman Cain. Before he dropped out. And had an awkward conversation with Newt Gingrich. Newt: How’s it rolling? Emily: Pretty… umm… fast!?!??!  (Seriously, Newt. Who says ‘rolling’? No wonder I was caught off guard. Atypical greeting.)

I saw Maya Angelou at Belmont. I went to lots of Preds Games. I chased two growing nephews. I saw the Avett Brothers in concert. I watched my cousin in Hair Spray. I found Pinterest. I rekindled broken relationships. I went to a record number of bonfires. I started a blog. (You’re welcome.)

So do it. I dare you. Look back and find the gems of your year. I promise they are there. And if they are anything like mine, they involve all of the people that you love. And they are all beautiful.

Here’s to a New Year as Great as the Last,

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