Sunday, October 30, 2011

Worth Sharing

Last week I went to another Preds game with a few friends. We lost, but that was a minor detail.

 Me and Jill

 Travis and Brent
I just realized that I have two friends named Travis who look a whole lot alike. Weird.

Avett Brothers
On Friday night I was given a last minute ticket to the Avett Brothers concert at Bridgestone. One of my friends is a big Cardinals fan and wanted to watch the World Series (he's glad he did), so I went in his place. As I sat down with 4 of my friends, I thought “I wonder how many of my other friends are here and I just don’t know it.” And then, almost in the same instant, I turned to see one of my favorite friends from high school coming down our row. I've know him since I was three and our big sisters were in kindergarten together. And we went to church together. And school. And he took me to my senior prom.

Senior Prom

He and his fiance had the two seats directly beside me. Small world. And arena apparently. 

Avett Brothers

Although most concerts that I attend typically involve lots of denim and cowboy boots, I had a great time and even wore a pair of skinny jeans to blend in.
A Love Worth Sharing
On Saturday we celebrated my grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary. Sixty. Six zero. Ten more than fifty. Well over half of the way to one hundred. Sixty. That’s a lot of years. I asked my grandma if she had any advice on how to be married for that long. She said, “Well, just exist.” Hmm. Okay… I’m going to interpret that as their love for each other is so intertwined in their life that loving is the equivalent of living.

As I was surrounded by my family celebrating the love that made our lives possible, the lyrics to one of my favorite Avett Brothers songs kept playing over and over in my head: “Always remember, there is nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name.” I didn’t mention it out loud. I didn’t want to explain to my grandparents that I went to a folk rock concert. And I didn’t want to explain that the lyrics are part of a song called “Murder in the City” which sounds entirely un-anniversary like. But I thought it. And was thankful to be a part of a love that let us share our name. (Ha. Bet you didn't think that I could tie in the Avett Brothers with a 60th Anniversary brunch, did ya?)

 We celebrated his birthday, too.

 “Aunt Em, you can take my picture, but I will only open one eye for you.”

A Big, Hairy Gorilla
My nephew and I played dress-up with old Halloween costumes after our brunch. I may have had more fun, but it is debatable. Here are a few of our costumes.


Clown and Dalmatian


 Cruella DeVil and Dalmatian

 Pumpkin and Mouse - The Great Pumpkin Lives On!

A 60s Girl
Or maybe I was a 70s Girl. I get the decades confused. Anyways, this was my mom's dress that she wore when she was dating my dad. I'm pretty sure that makes it a very-late 70s dress. She kept it for future dress-up days, I am sure.

 A Puppy Princess. She is just so thrilled to be dressed up.

 A Big Hairy Gorilla.
This one is my favorite. My 4-year old nephew walked up to my dad, handed him a hat, and said “Here. Wear this. Now you will look like a big hairy gorilla.” I can’t stop giggling.

Trunk or Treat
Further fueling my obsession with fall festivals and bonfires, we had a bunch of cousins over to my parent’s house on Saturday for a fall festival.

I, the only adult who dressed up, was a referee.

My little cousin came up to me and said, “Hey! When did you start refereeing?” I was obviously very believable. Or just too old to dress up. After exhausting my football vocabulary with an overuse of “Off sides”, “Out of Bounds” and simply yelling “Penalty”, I resorted to blowing my whistle. At some point during the night every child present asked me for my whistle. Normally I would cave in, but I resisted. Parents, you’re welcome.

My cousin made the cutest treats for our party...

And of course there were Smore's...

Trunk or Treat was new for us (to do as a family) and it might just be a tradition that sticks.

 Mom with her classic "Happy Fall Ya'll" Trunk

My trunk was not very impressive with my black and white streamers, but I matched. Oh well. You can’t win at everything I guess.

Cobwebs and Candy

 I bet you'd never guess, but this trunk belongs to the same cousin who brought the cute snacks. She had electricity and everything. Something to aspire to.

I don't know how I did it, but I somehow failed to get a picture of my sister's trunk which was decorated with black and orange towing straps. Innovative. And last minute.

Fall Colors
You will probably be excited when fall is over so that I will stop writing about just how much a love it. But it deserves at least a few more posts. So scroll on ahead if you are a Fall version of a Scrooge.

When I went to Yellowstone this past summer I was obsessed with the bright yellows and blues and greens that existed naturally and were the most vibrant colors that I had ever seen. And no, the fall colors are not quite that bright, but they are that beautiful. Here are a few of my favorite trees. Yes, I have favorites.

These two are in my parent's back yard:

 Seriously, you couldn't make a tree grow straight up like that if you tried.

These two are at my grandparents' old house:

This one is at my condo:
If I ever move I am taking this tree with me. Not that I own it or anything.

In the words of my mother, "Happy fall, ya'll!"

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