Monday, October 17, 2011

Everybody Knows The Seasons Change

Yesterday I turned on the tv and, much to my surprise, gymnastics had somehow scored the coveted primetime spot in some much needed relief from all of this baseball stuff.  I am just about the farthest thing from being a lean, limber gymnast (although I can do a decent “head sit” - a head stand without raising my legs up in the air), however, I have a fascination (borderline obsession) with watching the Olympic gymnastic routines every four years. The qualifying competitions today reminded me that we are just less than a year away from the next Summer Olympics! I feel like time has flown by in the last few years. It makes me feel old to say that because growing up I would always hear my parents say that “time flies by”. I never believed them. But now? I’m starting to get it. Children grow. Time passes. Seasons change.

I know this because…

A season of gymnastics training will soon lead us to a season of Olympic performances.

A season of daisies and watermelon have led us to a season mums and pumpkins.

A season of swimming in the pool all summer with these two guys to beat the heat has lead to a season of long walks on nature trails admiring the changing leaves.

My Cannon Ball Buddies

A season of blackberry picking has faded into a season of pomegranate eating.

My Favorite Fruit EVER

A season of hanging out on the beach and going parasailing has lead us to a season of hanging out at a farm and getting lost in corn mazes.

Parasailing with Dad, May 2011

Honeysuckle Hill Farm, October 2011

A season of sipping iced tea at the Sonic Drive-In has led to an afternoon eating black bean soup at Panera.  (Well, hello there Dave Haywood. Looks like you had the same idea. Also, sorry to keep calling you “That Other Guy in Lady Antebellum.”)

When you are caught in a season of love and promise and bliss, rest in the hope that this season will surely roll around again and again.  And when you are caught in a season of pain and disaster and fear, remember that seasons always change. Because just as soon as we say we need relief from the heat, the leaves begin to turn. And when we begin to tire of raking leaves, those magical first snowflakes will fall. And when we think that it might never be warm again, the snow turns to rain and wildflowers spring up all around the lawn.  And when we wonder if we will ever stop sneezing, it will be time to pack for a beach vacation. It always comes full circle.

My favorite lyrics in the song “Emily” by Francesca Battistelli is “Emily, you will see some stormy weather - dark and cloudy days of rain.  But Emily, there will be summer laughter, cause everybody knows the seasons change.”

Yes, mom, time does fly. Yes, Francesca, seasons do change. For now I am just relishing in the time and season I am in.

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