Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Middle

When I was in high school I worked in an after-care program.  If the children ever complained about being bored, the woman in charge of the program would always reply, “Don’t say you are bored. ‘Bored’ is a bad word. It means that you can’t see how blessed you are.” While she was referring to the mountains of legos, bins of baby dolls, and yard full of basketballs meant to keep the kids occupied, I find the same to be true when I feel like all I am doing is eating, sleeping, working, doing laundry, and going grocery shopping.  When nothing really new is beginning and there are no major transitions in sight, it is easy to become ‘bored’ with the day-to-day. Sometimes when I am caught up in the middle of the “mundane” I forget how great each step of the journey really is.

But sometimes being caught up in the middle is the best place to be…

Because in the middle of the field lies a well beaten path between two families.

Because somewhere in the middle of the nail polish color spectrum right between the mistakes of Satin Apple (too pink) and Weathered Brick (too brown) lies Raven Red - the perfect summer shade.

Because in the middle of the thorns and briars lie plump blackberries waiting to be picked.

Because somewhere in the middle of a broken relationship you realize that time has flown by and taken some of the hurt away with it.

Because in the middle of dirt and the leaves are garden-fresh vegetables.

Because in the middle of a good book you stumble across a character that looks and sounds and acts exactly like you.

Because in the middle of a stack of bills you receive an Amazon package with a children’s book that your friend has illustrated.

In one of my favorite Full House episodes Uncle Joey tells Stephanie that being the middle child isn’t so bad after all because, “Middles are the best. No one would like Oreos if it weren’t for the cream filling.” This week, I am thankful for life’s cream filling. Double Stuffed.

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  1. Yay for the middle!
    By the way, are you harvesting where you did not sow???
    That garden looks vaguely familiar,
    your sis