Friday, July 1, 2011

A Warm Welcome

Ah, July. How I have waited for you! I have wished away the other months just to get to you! You are full of concerts and fireworks and pool parties.

At a CMA Fest Concert

You sound like Van Morrison and smell of coconut and lime.  For you, I even ironed my white pants.  But most of all, I am excited because you bring me what I have been waiting for all year: Yellowstone National Park with two incredible friends. I am known to not like dirt or animals and no one would call me “outdoorsy”. So I have been preparing. I went shopping and bought the only pair of North Face hiking shoes that had pink on them. I googled pictures of Yellowstone and even located it on a US map. And I bought a plane ticket.  That’s about it. Hopefully my preparation will help me survive camping in the vast national park, catching my own food, avoiding bears, and rafting through white rapids. We’ll see. No matter what, it will be the trip of a lifetime and definitely something to blog about.

July, I hope you bring me great fun and big memories. Please be good to me!

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