Friday, September 23, 2011

Just Because It's Fall

Today is one my favorite days out of the whole year. Just because it’s the beloved first day of Fall. In fact, sitting at my desk this afternoon at work, I was so anxious for 5 o'clock. It felt like the much anticipated half day before Christmas break in grade school. Or the night right before you leave for the beach when the packing is done and all that's left is to go to bed, knowing that in the morning it will be vacation time.

I was that excited just because…

Just because the cool crisp air of fall reminds me of campouts with my youth group, school group, and sisters filled with capture the flag, french braids, flag football, and day hikes. 

Sisters (I am on the far right), Backpacking in Stone Door, 2002ish

Just because the pumpkins remind me of trick or treating on Halloween night. We lived on a highway, so instead of going door-to-door in a neighborhood, we would drive around town and visit family friends and all of the elderly people at our church. That really is the smart way to do it. If you are one of about five trick-or-treaters that someone is expecting, you get homemade goody bags with brownies, popcorn balls and nail polish. For most of the years that I can remember, I alternated between my Pocahontas costume and my pumpkin costume. This continued even in college. True story.

The great pumpkin costume lives on.  Freshman year of college.
Just because the leaves in Tennessee are so gorgeous that I will do just about anything to be outside. This is pretty rare for me. I am predominantly an Inside Girl. I never appreciated the leaves much until I went to college in Oklahoma. The state is pretty much known for being flat, windy, and having lots of tornadoes. I completely loved Oklahoma Christian University, but I definitely missed the Tennessee scenery while I was there.  Plus the smell of tobacco burning in the barn? Love. It's a good reason to cruise through the country with your windows down.

My nephew "raking" leaves. 

Just because I am obsessed with bonfires. I love a good hot dog roasted over the fire. And some how they taste even better when eaten on a hay bale. Because my parent's live on a farm, we have bon fires fairly regularly - just because. Just because the weather is nice. Just because we have some extra wood. Just because hot dogs were on sale. Just because some family is in town. 

 Hot Dogs and Hay Bales

Campfire Cupcakes

"Do you want a bite of my cupcake, Aunt Em?"
"Umm... no thanks, baby."
(Ever notice that kids always eat cupcakes from the top down? Interesting technique.)


I love the Fall. Just because.

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