Monday, November 7, 2011

Hey Mama

Hey Mama, Welcome to the 60s
I have been dancing (in my head) and singing (under my breath) for a full 24 hours now. Why? All because of Leslie. And all because of Hairspray. My uber-talented cousin Leslie was in Lipscomb's Hairspray this weekend. She was phenomenal. And a little bit scary. She played the role of Velma Von Tussle which - if you've seen the movie version - is Michelle Pfeiffer. My girl can belt it out. Leslie, next time you see me will you sign my playbill so that I can hang it on my wall when you are famous? Thanks in advance.

Leslie as "Velma"

I think I would have liked the sixties. Actually, scratch that. I really like ipods, straight hair, and a post-segregation world. Instead, I would really just like to bring sixties dance moves to the Right Now. Who decided it was cool to wave one hand in the air and rock side to side? Not me! Bring back the group dances! The Hustle. The Twist. The Locomotion. The Pony. The Bunny Hop. That's where it’s at!

 Tracy Turnblad

I ran into two of my favorite Little People at the play. We ran through the campus. We danced on the lawn. We climbed the clock tower stairs. We waited in line for the girl's bathroom. Lots of bonding time.

Hey Mama, Welcome to AMAZING
After the play, mom and I stopped by the brand new The Container Store in Green Hills Mall. It was heaven. I am a decently organized person, but not obsessive about it at all. Mom, however, is renowned through the country county for her organization skills. She was psyched.

I thought the store was all hype. Errrrrrrrrrr. (That was my buzzer sound.) I was wrong. They had gadgets and trinkets and whatchamacallits and doodads galore. So much more than containers and closets. Everyone on my Christmas list, you will be getting something from that store. Yes, even you, my sweet two year old nephew. Get excited about your new juice cups. Dad, nifty knife block? Mom, collapsible Tupperware? Ginger, your new snack holder? Yes, I know you are only a dog, but seriously, I think you will appreciate it. Plus, Judy (from the kitchen section) and I totally hit it off. I almost feel like I need to go back to the store since I didn't get a chance to tell her bye. We are total Kitchen Gadget BFFs now. 

Hairspray. Grand Openings. Now that is my kind of Sunday afternoon.

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  1. I'm so happy to know that I am not the only one with dance moves and fun-lovin' songs stuck in my head! Even though I was a mere child in the '60s, seeing Lipscomb's production of "Hairspray" brought back memories of my teen-age siblings "dragging" me onto the living room floor to practice the latest dance craze, right along with Dick Clark and "American Bandstand."
    Glad to know that you enjoyed your afternoon, and that The Container Store will be worth the trip for me in the near future! Cousin Angie