Friday, January 13, 2012

Resolutions: The 2011 Wrap-Up and The 2012 Resolutions

Twenty Eleven just ended. I know what you're thinking... Did Emily complete her half year resolutions?

Twenty Eleven Resolutions - The Wrap Up

1. Go SkydivingCheck!
Read about my free fall experience and watch my video.

2. Make my own pasta. Check!

I was so excited.
I took pictures... 
I planned to share my recipe... (1 cup of flour, one egg, pinch of salt)
I planned to be that girl that overachieves at all parties by making every single item homemade.
But I don't even want to think about those things. My stomach hurts just thinking about them. And I get a minor headache right behind my eyes. They were okay for the first couple of bites, even though the texture was really creepy.  And then I couldn't do it anymore. I dumped the entire pot down the disposal.  The thought of them made my stomach hurt so bad that I just had to go to sleep and hope to wake up with them off of my mind. I get grossed out by food pretty easily, but this takes the cake. Or noodle. Never again.
3.  Get a passport and make plans to use it.  Check!

Well, almost. I have filled out the paperwork and need to go get my picture made. I have made plans to go to Europe in 2013 with one of my besties from college. Yep, the Montana Travel Friend. I'd leave tomorrow if I could.
4.  Attend a coming home ceremony for soldiers. Check!

I have been tracking the Fort Campbell website for 6 months and haven't found a coming home ceremony that I have been able to attend yet. Until just now. There is one scheduled for this coming Sunday (1/15) at 3pm at Fort Campbell.  I plan on being there. Let me know if you want to join me! Technically this one will be completed in 2012, but who's counting?
January 24, 2011 update: I attended a welcome home at Fort Campbell.  See my experience here.
5.  Find a way to volunteer more regularly. Check!

I love this resolution. I have been a Childlife volunteer at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital one night each week since August.  It is absolutely the highlight of my week. You can read more about my experience on a previous post or learn more about volunteering here.

Twenty Twelve Resolutions

So here they are. My 2012 resolutions:

1. Learn how to sew. 
Pinterest will be much more applicable when I am actually able to execute those projects!

2. Hula Hoop a 5k. 
I have a sweet friend that is a professional hula hooper in a hoop troupe, The Spinderellas. She reads my blog, so right now she is finding out that she needs to teach me to hoop walk so that I can complete a 5k. Considering that she has hooped a half marathon multiple times, I think I'm safe. She just needs to teach me. And then do it with me. Please? I called you "sweet"!

On a side note, if you are having a fun Girls Night In or hosting a Bachelorette party or children's party, having a hoop party is so fun! I had my friend come to a Girl's Night a year ago and teach us hoop tricks. We have never laughed that much. It's fun and refreshingly unique for a Girl's Night. Contact them through their website if you are interested in having them host a hoop party for you or do a performance at an event. No, I don't have a business / sponsorship relationship with them, I promise. But I did have fun at our hoop party and I am really sucking up for the whole hoop walking thing. :)

3. Learn a Country Dance. 
These boots were made for dancing, and that's just what I'll do.  Wildhorse, here I come.

4. Read at least one book each month.  
I will read one book each month. You know. The kinds of books that made you a better person. Like these that I just purchased:
Forgotten God by Frances Chan and Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis

That's right. This is where you come in. I'm going to let my reader's decide what my last resolution should be. To throw out an idea, leave a comment on my blog. I'll pick one to add to my list. Just don't be crazy. I mean, I will go skydiving, but don't put something like "eat worms". That's not happening. Be creative! Be adventurous! Be nice!


  1. Not sure on your 5th Resolution but I love the others! I learned to sew when I was a teenager but let it go and have picked it back up and love it. You need to come to one of our craft nights at my sisters in Lebanon. We never are all doing the same thing we just kind of bring different projects we want to complete and help each other learn new things. As far as doing a 5K hula hooping, good luck! I'm training to do the half marathon and am pretty sure I'll die at the end, lol!

    Resolution #3 is something I think would be fun. Find a class and I'll do it with you. I believe one of my 30 before 30 items is take a class out of my comfort zone so this would definitely qualify. As far as #4, I've read Kisses from Katie and LOVE it! I think I'm going to read it again when Katy Cox finishes my copy. She has such a beautiful story and she leaves me so inspired after reading her blogs when she post. She's actually inspired me to try my best to take a mission trip this year. I'm thinking Haiti in the fall. Want to join? It could be your 5th Resolution. :)

  2. So glad you are learning to sew!

    Your fifth one could be:
    1. Go to Indiana and paint your sister's den and bathroom. Yes, I think that would be super.

    Or you could brush up on your Spanish or do a mission trip. I saw that someone made the resolution to pray for a stranger every day, and they would tell the stranger that they were praying for them. You could also resolve to make a homemade gift for someone every month.