Friday, December 30, 2011

The Best Christmas

You know how my family's Thanksgiving was just perfect? Well, it turns out that our Christmas is too.
We have tons of happy children.

Big imaginations.
 Apparently I gave lots of costumes this year...

Multiple generations.

Anticipated traditions. 
 Touring Opryland Hotel with Mom

New memories.
Quality Time.
Mario Kart

And as I have gotten older the Christmas scene has changed a bit. Traditions are altered. Festivities are relocated. Schedules are moved around. But I am thankful, because that means that my family is growing and changing and that legacies are living on through new generations.  And even though we might celebrate on the wrong day or in a new way, the miracle of Christmas lives on because Christmas is so much more than a day. Christmas is an entire season. A spirit. A love. A baby. A gathering. Plus, I have finagled these new schedules to my benefit. I have been Christmasing for two months now. That's how I like it. 
P.S. - I hope I still appreciate the Christmas season when I get back from Hawaii and my decorations are still up. I never got around to that...
Speaking of Hawaii, my friend helped me pick my outfits for the trip. Check out her blog post with specific tips for me. Have an event or trip coming up and don't know what to wear? Drop her a note on her blog. She can piece together cute, affordable styles in a flash. And you know that we all need a friend like that.

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