Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

As soon as I put down my fork from Thanksgiving dinner I anxiously move into the next holiday. Why? Because I LOVE the beauty of Christmas.

I love the smell. 
 Evergreen Sprigs in my Poinsettia Plants

Cinnamon-Scented Pine Cones

I love memories. 

Kelsie T. painted this ornament for me several Christmases ago. She now celebrates every Christmas with Jesus himself.
I love the hope. 
THE THRILL OF HOPE. The weary world rejoices for yonder waits a new and glorious morn.

I love the star of Bethlehem (and Brentwood).
And we are amazed by shooting stars? Imagine a star that leads to Jesus.

Granny and Pa's Christmas Star - One of my favorite Christmas decorations now

I love stockings hung by the chimney with care. 
Yes, sometimes I do buy myself gifts. "To: Emily. Merry Christmas and best wishes for the happiest holiday season yet. With Love, Emily" It's festive.

I love the crazy Christmas apparel.

I went to a Tacky Christmas Party last night with a bunch of friends. We were supposed to dress up in funny old Christmas sweaters, so I went all the way. I wore my mom's reindeer sweater from the 80s complete with full-length matching plaid skirt and bows/bells on my shoes. At one time my mom, sisters, and I each had an outfit to match this. Anyways, I showed up at the party and was one of very few people who actually dressed up. Classy. 

I love the lighting. 
Especially when the Christmas tree lights come untangled easily and every strand works.

My little Cranberry Candle Light creation. I bought real cranberries thinking that they are an indestructible fruit. It occurred to me recently that they may in fact start to spoil. In fact, my tea lights on top have "cooked them down" a bit. They used to reach the top of the jar. Oh well. It's pretty. And red. Which goes with my red, white, and silver theme.

I love Baby Jesus. 

My nephews moved to Indiana a few months ago, but I can still read them a bedtime story any time thanks to Hallmark's recordable storybooks. The one I chose was about my favorite story of all time:  the miracle of God coming to this earth as a baby.

I love evergreen trees. 
My artificial tree from mom's old kindergarten classroom. When it grows up, it wants to be a Douglas Fir.

I love tradition. 
 My mom and dad's tree covered with our handmade / gifted ornaments from our childhood.  The three of us girls each have our own side of the tree divided by a ribbon.

 Little Emily

 Little Emily 2.0

One of my favorite ornaments. I was a Sesame Street Girl.

I love hustle. 
I did go shopping on Black Friday but got nothing for Christmas presents. I did all of my shopping on Amazon this year. 21st century girl. I'm a bit ashamed.

I even love bustle.

(That was a lie. I don't actually know what bustle is. Picture submissions welcome.)

I hope that your holiday season is full of traditions and family and glitter and baby Jesus and pine cones and beauty and music and love.

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  1. We have listened to that recordable storybook probably a dozen times this morning. It's a hit!