Thursday, December 15, 2011

White Christmas

If you are like me, you have already been to approximately 57 Christmas parties, each one with more desserts than actual food. And you know me. I don't like sweets. I love baking (just not eating it), so I usually take my standard Fresh Fruit Salad to a party because I am... well... boring.  But, if you are looking for a great dessert to make for a party, I have the perfect recipe.  When we were younger, my mom used to make a special Christmas Mix for us that I always called "That White Chocolate Christmas Mix Stuff". Well, I recently made two batches of the mix, one for work and one for a party. It was a big hit - after I renamed it "White Christmas". 

White Christmas Mix

White Christmas Mix
1/2 box Rice Chex
1/4 box Cheerios
1/4 bag Pretzel Sticks
2 handfuls of Pecan halves
1 Tray Vanilla Candy Coating 
1/2 bag red and green Christmas M&Ms

Honestly, I don't measure my ingredients because you can mix just as much stuff as you want, but I mixed the approximate amounts of cereal, pretzels, and pecans listed above in a large mixing bowl. (You may want to start with less and add in more at the end to make sure that you have enough of the candy coating to cover it all.) In the microwave, melt one package of vanilla candy coating. (I bought the Kroger brand which comes in a microwaveable tray in little squares like bark in the baking aisle). Pour the candy coating over your mixture and stir to completely coat. Add in more cereal or pretzels if necessary. Spread the mixture out on wax paper to let it dry (about 20 minutes). Break it apart in small chunks and toss it in a bowl with red and green M&Ms. (Don't put the M&Ms in the mixture until the mixture is dry - it's prettier with the M&Ms uncoated.) Salty. Sweet. Addictive. Voila. 

White Christmas is one of those things that people love so much that they will kind of get mad at you for making it because they can't stop eating it. But then they'll ask you to make it every year. The best kind of party treat.

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