Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Resolutions: The 2012 Wrap-Up and The 2013 Resolutions

The celebration of the New Year is one of my favorite times for two reasons – I love the reflection of another blessed year and the anticipation of another new beginning.

Twenty Twelve in Review
Twenty Twelve has been a year of unexpected journeys and plenty of adventure!

Attended a Welcome Home ceremony for soldiers at Fort Campbell.

Rode a motorcycle for the first time – and then kept riding all year!

Went skydiving for the second time.

Canoed with my sis.

And hiked with her, too.

I spent a weekend in DC.

And Dallas.

And Oklahoma.

And the CMA Fest.

And plenty of other concerts, too.

Oh, and a few Preds games!

I did a few crafts.

And began working with the 8th Grade Girls at Church.

I spent tons of time with family.

And friends.

But I feel like this was The Year of the Arm...

I broke it in a dream.

I had surgery to put in a plate and screws.

I had a sleep study and was diagnosed with Non-REM Parasomnia.

I had six weeks of occupational therapy. Then the day after I got out of my splint I fell on it and sprained it.

I went to three more weeks of therapy. Then I had pain in my hand for months and found out that the hardware had to come back out. I had another surgery to remove the hardware and cysts. 

Then I had more therapy. Ugh. I am so over it!


I am happy to say that I accomplished my 2012 resolutions! I’m a big fan of resolutions. I have a list about a million miles long of things that I want to do in my life, and I love actually making them happen! I have a “Life’s Bucket List”, but also a yearly list of things that I want to do. Here were my resolutions that I made for 2012:

2012 Resolution Recap:

Learn how to sew – Check!
I spend two Saturday mornings at a sewing class and have been busy ever since! Here are the things I made this year:

Hula Hoop a 5k – Check!
This was one of my favorite resolutions! My friend Yvonne and I practiced our hoop walking for a couple of months and then hooped the Mayor’s 5k in November. It was pretty sweet.

Learn a country dance – Check!
Mom got me a Country Dance Wii game. I can now shake my boots with the best of ‘em.

Read at least one book each month – Check(ish)
I read about four books and about eight thousand internet articles. That counts, right?

Reader’s Choice – Check!
I had lots of suggestions from my blog followers and ended up choosing an item that was “suggested” (pinned) by a friend on Pinterest. I decided to do 25 Acts of Kindness on my 25th birthday. Incredibly rewarding!

Resolutions for 2013:
1. Visit 4 new states.
I want to visit all 50 states, and I am currently at 26! Some of the states that I have missed are close by, too! Four new states might be ambitious, but I’m up for the challenge. This might just be the year of the weekend road trip!

2. Go zip-lining.
At this point I can’t believe I haven’t already been. I’m behind on that one.

3. Go hang gliding.
I was supposed to take Allison last fall but we got postponed due to high tail winds. This is our year, girl.

4. Learn Calligraphy
I have a pen. And a tutorial book. I’m just really, really bad. I should take a class or something.

5. Reader's Choice!
It's back. Reader's Choice Resolution. I always get lots of texts and emails and facebook messages with resolution ideas. Let me know your ideas by commenting on my blog post! One will make the list!

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