Sunday, September 16, 2012

Acting your Age

I always thought that I would feel older than this when I hit 25. I usually feel young. Until, of course, I do things like volunteer with my church's 8th grade girls. Then I feel ancient. Well, that and when I spend my Friday night sewing in my pajamas. Um, yes. I just admitted that on the blogosphere.

A New Hobby
Sewing. It's not just your grandma's pastime anymore. Thanks to pinterest, 20-somethings everywhere are determined to be crafty. And I have become one of them. And I now own my very own machine!

And with my very own machine comes a guest bedroom completely covered with fabrics and scissors and pins and all sorts of sewing supplies that I always played with at my Granny's house.

You have already seen my first crafts: the reversible tote bag and the lined, zippered pouch. For my third project I went with a skirt. 

This skirt started as a circle skirt. Then when I realized that my fabric was the wrong length, I switched to an exposed elastic skirt. But when my elastic looked wrinkly, I switched it to a tucked in elastic skirt. I didn't follow a tutorial for that part. I decided to just wing it. So, here you have it. Plan C. Voila.

At least my seam was perfecto!

I have more projects in the works, but of course I would hate to ruin the surprise, so you will just have to keep checking back!

Small Town Charm
In my parent's home, you can find the black and white episodes of Andy Griffith on television every night. That, combined with the fact that I am from a decently small town, means that I love any little town square. A couple of weeks ago I went with my parent's to this little town called Bell Buckle, TN.  

You probably know it as the home of the annual RC and Moon Pie Festival. :) 

I just adore meandering through antique stores looking at old quilts and furniture and glassware and asking a million "What's this?" questions to my parents. I was disappointed when mom didn't know the answer, to which mom always reminded me that she isn't that old. 

A Secret Daughter
I am at the age where mom often sends me home with boxes of childhood items when I visit. Last time I got a box full of school papers from primary and elementary school. There were lots of little gems in there, but I'll share this one. A note to mom and dad:

To: Mom and Dad
From: Your Secret Dauter
You are the best parents even though you are my only parents you are still the best. You pick me up when I fall.  You give me lots of toys for my birthday.

Ah, yes. I had such a way with words...
Apparently I really was a "Secret Dauter" though because this note was actually filed away in my sister's box. Ha. Victory!

Fulfilling a Dream
There is one item on my Christmas list every single year. Even now. A trampoline. Of course, now it is just a long running joke, but I desperately wanted a trampoline for years of my life. And every time that I would pass by a Walmart and see them propped up outside on the side walk with a giant $198 sign, I would always beg mom to let me get one. Mom always said no. Her response was that I would break an arm. Hmm. At one point I even asked if I could save up my own money to buy one on my own. To my surprise, she said "Sure, Emily." I'm guessing that she either wasn't actually listening or assumed that a six year old would surely never save up that kind of money, but she clearly didn't know my saving habits. After a birthday and a few random holidays, I counted up all of the little bills in my desk drawer (totaling just over $198) and was super delighted to tell my mom that on our next Walmart trip I would be bringing home my very own trampoline! She looked at me like I was crazy. 

"No, you can't have a trampoline. Why would you think that I would let you buy one? And how do you have that much money?"
"But mom, you said..."
"No. You'll break your arm."
"But mom..."

(That makes her sound mean. She wasn't mean, mainly just surprised.)

So there you have it.  No trampoline. I must mention that like most of the stories that I remember from my childhood, mom says that this scenario never happened. She says that I have an unusual memory and dream things up. If I had a nickel for every time I was told that one of my memories never actually happened, I'd have enough to buy a trampoline. And pay for a broken arm

Anyways, I have known my friend Travis since he was five years old.  And tonight we celebrated his 25th birthday (which means I have known him for 20 years... ah!) in true Travis fashion. By having fun. We went to Sky High Sports which is basically a giant room with trampoline walls and floors. 

Why does everyone doubt me?!?

The trampoline room

We jumped around, played dodgeball, and jumped into a foam pit from both a trampoline and a rope swing. 


Foam Pit

It was so fun. And very, very exhausting. And made me feel a little bit better about all of those years that I never had a trampoline.

And the best part? Look, Ma. No new breaks!

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