Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Two Truths and a Tale

I recently volunteered with my church's youth group to be an 8th grade girl's covenant group co-leader. I am beyond excited to get to know all of these great girls and invest in their lives.

But as of two weeks ago, I didn't know these girls at all. And they didn't know me. So to help them get to know me, we played a game called Two Truths and A Tale. I gave them three facts about my life and they had to guess which one wasn't true. Now, I'm sure that if you have been reading my blog that you know the answer to most of these, but you just might learn something new. So here you go...

I am a graduate of Lipscomb University. My career is in marketing.  I am a childlife volunteer at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital.

The Tale: I am a graduate of Lipscomb University. I actually went to Oklahoma Christian University.

On the weekends you can find me hiking, sewing, and riding a motorcycle.

The Tale: You can find me hiking. I rarely hike. But I do sew and ride my dad's motorcycle.

I have recently developed a love for surfing, skydiving, and cake decorating.

The Tale: I recently developed a love for cake decorating. While my big sis can handle it like a pro, my cake decorating skills match that of a 6 year old. I do, however, enjoy surfing and skydiving.

I love to eat cheesecake, pomegranates, and salmon.

The Tale: I love to eat cheesecake. No way. I don't eat sweets.

In my home you will find a marble collection, a roomba vacuum cleaner, and a guitar signed by country music artists.

The Tale: In my home you will find a roomba. I don't have a roomba. I wish! I do have a marble collection and a guitar from a charity auction.

My favorite things to do with my friends are snow ski trips, shopping, and going to concerts.

The Tale: Snow Ski trips are not my favorite. But I do love some great shopping and concerts.

My jobs in college included working as a sumer nanny in East Hampton, NY, tracking legislation at Congressional hearings on Capitol Hill, and helping my Italian Papa open a pizza joint in Chicago.

The Tale: I spent a summer helping my Italian Papa open a pizza joint. I don't have an Italian Papa, but I do like pizza. I was, however, a nanny and a political action committee intern.

I was once stung by a jellyfish three times in one day in Panama City.  I broke my arm by jumping out of bed while acting out a dream. I cut my leg open by falling off of a fake bull.

The Tale: The jellyfish thing never happened. The dream and bull accidents both did.
Speaking of dreams, I recently found out that a famous comedian, Mike Birbiglia, has the same sleeping problem as me:  non-rem parasomnia (acting out his dreams).  And it just so happens that he just made a movie called Sleepwalk With Me. And it just so happens that the movie is playing at a local theater in Nashville this weekend. The trailer is hilarious, but a little bit terrifying. Watching him act out his dream makes my arm hurt. I'll let you know how the viewing goes.

So there you have it. I am a traveling, dreaming, surfing, motor-cycle riding, sewing, sky diving, marble collecting, no-sweet eating, accident prone OC-alum marketer. And that's the truth.

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