Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dreams and DC

In Need of Therapy

So I know you are wondering, how is that arm of mine? Oh, just delightful.  It has been nine weeks since the break and surgery. I still wear my splint most of the time, but I started some much-needed Occupational Therapy a couple of weeks ago to get back my mobility. And how do they do that? Well, let me just tell you. They use a grain bin. I mean, I think it is called a Fluido machine, but I just call it the grain bin because it is a plastic container full of cornmeal that gets heated and blown around. The corn meal helps break up the scar tissue and the heat helps loosen the tendons.

The Grain Bin

And do I still act out my dreams? Yes. Actually it has happened more than normal lately. This morning I woke up with completely different pajamas on than when I went to bed last night. And the night before that I thought that there were people in my condo (not in a creepy way, but in a why did my clients not get a hotel room kind of way). So while I was really seeing piles of laundry in the floor, I thought I was seeing bodies of people sleeping. Embarrassed that I was in my pajamas with my clients around, I quietly jumped over the “people” and tiptoed into the bathroom to put on my robe.  I have no idea what happened after that, but I remembered that much of it the next morning when I woke up with my robe on. And of course I did it on a business trip in DC, too. One time I woke up standing at the hotel room door on my tippy-toes with one eye pressed up to the peep-hole and my hand on the door latch, trying to figure out how to unlock it so that I could get out. And these are just the things that I happen to remember. Who knows what else goes on! Yes, I am going to a sleep clinic for some sleep therapy/analysis soon. Yes, I know that I am crazy.

Speaking of laundry, my washing machine was broken for a while. I have a front loader that wouldn’t drain, but my sweet daddy fixed it for me. The culprit? The Purex 3-in-1 sheets (made to go from washer to dryer) were getting sucked under the washing bin and clogging the drain pipe. They are technically approved for front loaders, but they are not Emily Approved.  Do yourself a favor and stick with the classics – liquid detergent!

Washington D.C.

Last week I spent a few days in DC for work. I was so grateful to have a couple of hours one day to visit some old friends. You know, old friends like




and Martin Luther King, Jr.

I also took some time to just go and sit at my favorite place in all of DC – The World War II Memorial.  

During college, I did a summer program at Georgetown University called The Fund for American Studies – Institute for Business and Governmental Affairs.  I took classes at night and did an internship with a natural gas company’s political action committee during the day. It was, by far, one of my favorite summers ever. I got to spend that summer with real old friends.

The Fund For American Studies: Institute for Business and Governmental Affairs, Class of 2008
(I am on the bottom left.)

I loved that summer of exploring DC’s monuments, frequenting Smithsonians, navigating the subway system, reporting on Congressional hearings, kayaking the Potomac, and cheering on the GOP at the Congressional softball game. It was good to be back in DC last week, even if it was just for a few days!

Ladies Day

On Saturday mom hosted a Ladies Day at her church with guest speaker, Melissa Lester, who you probably know from her blog at She was so sweet to indulge me in all of my blogging and writing questions (a few dreams of mine)! We had the best time at Ladies Day and then picked strawberries at the local strawberry patch. 

Even with one hand, I got two gallons to put up in the freezer for this winter (and for summertime smoothies).

And yes, on Saturday we saw Turkey Bill walking around our property. Okay, okay. It may have been Turkey Bella. We can’t really tell them apart.

I'm loving this warm May weather.  Plus, I just got a notice that the pool at my condo is open for the summer season! It is going to be a good, good weekend!

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