Monday, May 13, 2013

Something New for Spring

Tennessee has never been more beautiful. I find myself drifting out of the city every weekend to head to the family farm. I want to swing on the porch for hours. I want to take walks to the pond. And, call me crazy, but I even want to pull a few weeds now and again. The air feels easier to breathe. The sun feels warmer and brighter. The colors – they just feel alive.

Aunt Em
Being an aunt is one of my favorite things in the world. And this winter, I will be an aunt three times over. My two little nephews are going to be big brothers. Best. News. Ever.

Covenant Groups
Spending time with my 8th grade girls covenant group has been one of the highlights of my year. I have grown to love each of them so dearly. We ended our year of Covenant with dinner and Sweet CeCe’s!

The best part? Even though it’s over for the school year, I am with these girls through high school graduation! So we will be back together in the fall, this time as high schoolers!

Natalie Portmanteau Party
One of my friends recently hosted a Natalie Portmanteau party. I know what you’re thinking. What in the world is that?

I thought the same thing.

It turns out that a Portmanteau is a term for the meshing of two words or ideas into one. For example, spork (spoon and fork) or smog (smoke and fog).

So a Natalie Portmanteau party? Everyone picks two famous figures or ideas or themes and creates one costume to represent both.

My costume? Snow White Christmas.

I’m not normally a fan of selfies, but this closet photo that I sent to my mother is the only one I have of my full outfit.

Coming up with costume ideas was so much fun! Even more fun than dressing up? Guessing what my friends had dressed as. I could usually guess part of the costume but not the whole name (Okay, honestly I hardly guessed any right at all). Here I am with a few of my party friends!

Front Row: Emma Stone Cold Steve Austin, Lady Gagangnam Style
Middle Row: Honey Boo Boo Radley, Brittney Shakespears
Back Row: Bam Bambino, Kim Kardashiandiana Jones, Marilyn Monrogue, Whitney Houston Nutt, Snow White Christmas, Princess Diana Ross, Buddy Holly Golightly

I have the best friends.

Speaking of my best friends, one of my best friends from high school got married! Yes, the friend that even took me to my high school prom.

We had a lot of fun at his wedding. I wish him and his bride all of the best!

 The crew from high school

There is nothing quite like your best friends' babies.

Washington DC is one of my favorite cities, so I was excited to organize and host my company’s annual conference there recently.

 Senator Cruz

 Senator Bachmann

 John Stossel

 Senator Paul Ryan

Oh, and Prince Harry was staying in my hotel while I was there. This would be a much better story if I had actually seen him. I didn’t. But I would really, really like to be Princess Emily.

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