Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Snippets of Spring

A deep breath of fresh air, a little more sunshine, and a lot more color. Thank God for spring.

The kind of spring that gets me running. A bag of workout clothes and tennis shoes always packed and in the trunk of my car, just waiting for me to go for a run after work. I recently ran farther than I ever have in my entire life. I ran five miles with a girl at work who is training for Nashville’s half marathon this weekend. I wanted to quit. I wanted to quit so badly. But she kept running, so I did too. And by the third mile I was feeling good again. And by the time I was close to mile five, I was all smiles and cheers when I finished out the run. You might be rolling your eyes. I, too, am an eye roller when people talk about running. It makes me a little crazy, especially when people talk about running and liking it. I usually don’t. In fact, I always hope that someone will see me jogging down West End and get the impression that I am athletic. The best part of running in Nashville right now is that there are so many runners training for the marathon that if I get tired and am out of breath after running one block, people have no clue if I have just run 20 miles or 20 yards.  Oh, and you might be rolling your eyes because you run 10 miles every morning. In that case, get it girl (or dude). More power to you.

Power Walking
A few friends and I did the Chick Fil A 5k in Brentwood last weekend.

We just walked it. And when I say just walked I mean that there was a little power walking involved. Because I think it’s hilarious. And it was on video. You’re welcome.

I recently purchased makeup from Bare Minerals for the first time. Cover Girl quit making my compact, so I moved on. I went into the Bare Minerals store and got the free makeover to test the products / shades. I let the sales girl do her thing, made my purchase, and then continued on my way throughout the mall. People were noticing me. Staring actually. I trotted through the mall with a newfound confidence in my new makeup. I must look great, I thought. Bare Minerals really is the best, I confidently told myself. And then I got home. And I set my bag down on my bathroom counter. And I took a look - my first - at the bag that I had been carrying around the mall all afternoon.

I'm not wearing foundation.

Yep. That's why people were looking. Staring awkwardly. Because I was a carrying a giant sign begging people to stare at my face. Great...

Sleep Talking
I went on a Spring Retreat with my young professionals group at church a few weekends ago. One morning I showed up at breakfast, sat down at a table of girls from my cabin, and said “Ashley, your sure did talk a lot in your sleep last night. And loudly!” They all turned to me and gave me a You must be kidding me stare as one of them said, “No, Emily. You talked in your sleep.” In my sleep I thought I was talking to Ashley, but I guess I was just talking out loud to myself. And I talked loud enough to wake myself up. Nice.

Wrong Talking
Something very important happened to me recently. I discovered that for 25 years of my life (all of them) I have been wrong. Very wrong. And I didn't even know it. All of my life, I have used the word "stook" as if... well.. as if it is an actual word. "I stook up for him when they were making fun of him." I know the phrases "stood up" and "stuck up", but all of this time I thought that "stook" was acceptable as well. When someone questioned me, I said, "Oh. Must be a southern thing." So I consulted the mother of southern lingo - my mother. She informed me that it's actually just an "Emily thing". I'm bummed. I like it and find myself wanting to say it even more frequently.

It’s finally time to dust off the motorcycle again. I’m obsessed. I go home any chance I get to hop on the back of the bike with dad.

A friend recently asked me if I wear leather when I ride. The answer to that is no. No, I don’t wear leather. In case you were wondering, I usually wear jeans and a tshirt. I’m not that intense. Although dad and I are planning another Harley weekend trip this summer. Destination? Charleston. Cruising down the Atlantic coast. Oh yes, I am so pumped.

Oh yeah, trips. I have a big one coming up this summer. Currently planning a big driving trip out West with the parents. Flying to Denver, then driving through Nebraska, South Dakota (Mount Rushmore and Custer State Park), North Dakota, Montana (my best friend!!), Wyoming (Yellowstone), Idaho, and then flying back out of Utah (Salt Lake City). I loved Yellowstone when I went a couple of years ago. I’m so excited that I can’t stop talking about it. Seriously, though. Have anything that I must see? Let me know.

My thoughts and my prayers have been consumed by Boston and West, Texas. My heart is broken for the families who are hurting. I find myself praying over and over again “Hold their broken hearts. Carry us.” Thank God for spring because it reminds us of Life and Hope and New Beginnings – all of which we so desperately need right now.

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