Saturday, February 23, 2013

These Are The Days

Someone my age recently told me that they wish they were in high school again – “No worries, just fun”. Someone else jumped in and said, “No way! I wish I were in college again – independence without the burden of responsibility!” And of course, a third jumped in and said "I just wish I were married already. Married with two kids and settled into a cute little neighborhood." I just kind of stood there with a blank stare on my face trying to figure out how to respond without sounding completely crazy. Because that is the common conversation – wishing that you were in a different phase of life - most caught in a spiral of either wanting to “go back” or wishing their life away for what they hope will come in the future. 

But I don’t. 

I do love where I have been. I actually really liked high school. My teen years were fun and non-dramatic. 

 Senior Prom with my best gals, 2005

High School Graduation, 2005

And college? Please. Of course I adored it!

 Spring Sing 2006

 Graduation 2008

 First Big College Snow!

The Fund for American Studies, 2008

And some day I am sure that I will have a family of my own and be really, really happy. 

Cousins on the Farm, 2008

But what ever happened to right now? Because I really like it here. I like having fun and, call me crazy, but I actually like responsibility. 

I like having the responsibility of a job and a condo and – this just in – a new car.

President's Day 2012: I broke my arm
President's Day 2013: I bought a new car
President's Day is clearly making a bold, confident effort to redeem itself with me.

I like hanging out with my friends and taking last minute road trips and having lots of fun and doing my own thing.


 Halloween 2012

Downtown Concerts

 Hide and Seek with BFF's kids

 Valentine's Day Preds Game

A Friday Night with my Fave Girl

Seriously. We all need a little bit less "Those were the days". A little bit less "That'll be the day". And a whole lot more "These are the days". Because these are the very best days.

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