Sunday, March 11, 2012

Princess Power

Last weekend I had a Girl’s Day Out with one of my favorite Little Friends to see Disney Princesses Live at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center. 

When I went to her house to pick her up, she looked me up and down and gave me a very confused stare.

“You still have fingers???”
“Yes! Of course.”
“And a shoulder?”
“But nothing in between?” (the part hidden by my sling)
“Sweetheart, I have a shoulder and fingers AND an arm.”
“Oh… I thought your arm broke OFF.”

So just in case any of my readers were wondering, my arm didn’t break off. It just broke.

At TPAC, we settled into our cushy, red velvet seats and prepped for the show – which involved me giving her a bag of Skittles, Pink and Blue Cotton Candy, and a bag of BBQ chips.

Oh yeah, and a pink, light-up wand…

What can I say? I know the way to this girl’s heart. She and I are both big fans of all things Princess so I knew we would have a grand time.  After a few “How many more minutes until it starts?” and “How much longer?”s, they dimmed the lights and drew back the curtains.  Before any characters had even appeared, she, with eyes glued to the stage in eager anticipation, whispered “This is wonderful.” And it was. 

They put on three live performances:  Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, and Beauty and the Beast.  The dwarfs were funny, the mice that sang the “Cinderellie” song were irresistible, but Beauty and the Beast? By far my favorite!

A Tale As Old As Time

Don’t get me wrong, I adore a good ball gown and a handsome Prince Charming.  But Snow White had to be saved by her Prince Charming’s kiss. And Cinderella? She had to be rescued from her life of servanthood by the Prince. But Belle? Nope. She rocks.  She pranced her beautiful little self right into the Beast’s world and SHE saved HIM from his life as a Beast.  Not to mention the fact that she had already saved her father from prison. You go, Belle. Girl Power. 

Plus the dancing fork looked exactly like a quiet, unassuming guy friend of mine which made me laugh through the entire “Be Our Guest” number. It’s the small things.

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