Monday, February 13, 2012

Where I'm From

Today at work I had a meeting with two sales reps. As my boss and I were talking about Nashville with these first time visitors, he asked a woman with a very thick accent, “Where are you from?”. I knew what he was asking. New England? Boston, maybe? Her reply was something like “Oh, I’m from Bank of America.” In our industry, many times people refer to themselves by the name of the company where they got their start. “Hi. I’m Bill. I work at Wells Fargo. I’m an old A.G. Edwards Guy.” In the moment I just quietly laughed to myself as she proceeded to tell us about her previous company, awkwardly filling a vacancy in our conversation that we had expected to fill with mindless banter about the Red Sox and cream pies. But it got me thinking, Where exactly am I from? I mean, yeah, I’m from Nashville. But I’m from so much more.

I’m from a small country church where potluck dinners can feed your soul.

I’m from two parents who gave me roots and taught me to dream big.

I’m from Times Square and the Grand Canyon and Chicago and Yellowstone and Waikiki Beach and Gulf Shores and Capitol Hill.

I’m from big birthday celebrations and handed-down holiday traditions.

I’m from catching lightning bugs at dusk and finding Roly Polies under rocks.

I’m from best friends who are like family and a family who are my best friends.

I’m from Romans chapter five and Luke chapter one.

I’m from honesty and bravery and courage and joy and confidence.

I’m from cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents and nephews who teach me what love is.

I’m from people giving me chances and God giving me blessings.

I’m from Amazing Grace and VBS and youth group retreats.

I’m from a richly colored heritage and a bright future.

I’m from Hope.

I’m from white water rafting in Montana and surfing in Hawaii and skydiving in the Smokies and snorkeling in Kauai and inner-tubing in Percy Priest Lake and kayaking in the Potomac River.

I’m from my Granny’s hugs and my Pa’s eyes.

I’m from a farm in a tiny Tennessee town, a cozy house on Beach Lane, an apartment in Georgetown, a dorm room in Oklahoma City, and a condo in Nashville.

I’m from handmade quilts and homemade peach cobbler.

My Granny Quilt - made from my mom and aunt's old clothes

I’m from two big sisters who taught me how to curl my hair, paint my nails, style a Barbie, and live passionately.

I’m from a God who gave up everything to love me.

So yeah, I am a Southern Belle with pearls on my neck, a guitar in my living room, and an occasional drawl in my voice when I say ya’ll. But I’m from something so much more beautiful. I’m from people and places and experiences and love. And that is a beautiful place to call home.

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